Burada Huzur Var. Çeşme'nin kalbinde, nezih bir ortamda nefes alın.. Alaçatı Merkezde Eski Hacı Memiş Mahallesinde yer alıp, İzmir Çeşme otoban çıkışına yakın, İzmir Adnan Menderes havalimanı üzerinden 80 km mesafededir. Ilıca ve Alaçatı Sörf plajlarına 2' şer kilometre uzaklıktadır.


You will relieve of all your tiredness with an excellent massage and spa pleasure, forget about your business affairs, troubles and worries and feel eased. Your body and soul will relax while your skin shines and is so soft.

Aromatherapy is a natural therapy which makes use of the chemical composition and energy of vegetable essential oils and contains massage, respiration (steam) compression, bathing and other applications and supports health and beauty. Vegetable essential oils are concentrated oils obtained from aromatic plants through vaporisation-distillation. Unlike the other body oils usually used in everyday life, these essential oils are such oils which are so easily absorbed by the skin, have so strong impacts and thus must be used with utmost care.